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The discipline search function may or may not reveal all disciplinary action relating to a lawyer. The discipline information accessed is a summary and not the official decision in the case. Click the "Important Information" button below for further details.

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This discipline search accesses notices (summaries) of disciplinary action against lawyers. The search currently indexes discipline from 1984 to the present. For discipline imposed from 1997 to the present, the search results will include the actual notice published in the Bar Association's monthly magazine, Bar News. The text of Bar News notices is not included for discipline imposed prior to 1997 or for discipline for which the Bar News notice is currently pending. The search does not access the official decisions in discipline cases.

The notices are published in the Bar News pursuant to Rule 3.5 of the Washington State Supreme Court Rules for Enforcement of Lawyer Conduct, and pursuant to the February 18, 1995, policy statement of the WSBA Board of Governors. For the official and complete copy of any disciplinary decision, call the Washington State Disciplinary Board at 206-733-5926, leaving the case name and your name and address. You may also view the official files, to the extent they are public, by making an appointment during normal business hours with the Disciplinary Board staff at the number above.

As indicated, this discipline notice search site does not contain the notice for each and every disciplinary sanction or action imposed to date. To obtain complete information (including pre-1984 discipline), or if you have other questions about discipline search results, please contact the WSBA Office of Disciplinary Counsel's Consumer Affairs Unit at 206-727-8207. If five or more years have passed since an admonition was issued, the file materials may have been destroyed pursuant to Rule for Enforcement of Lawyer Conduct 3.6(b), and information pertaining to such an admonition will be unavailable. In admonition matters, it is the WSBA's policy to remove the disciplinary notice from the website archive five years after the admonition was issued, regardless of whether the WSBA's file materials are destroyed.

The action listed on the discipline notice does not necessarily reflect the current status of the lawyer's license. Check the Lawyer Directory for the current status.