Discipline Notice - Stephen L. Wozny

License Number: 9138 Member Name: Stephen L. Wozny
Action: Disbarment Effective Date: 09/11/2003
Lawyer RPC Violated: 3.1 - Meritorious Claims and Contentions
3.5 - (prior to 9/1/2006) Fairness to Opposing Party and Counsel
8.2 - Judicial and Legal Officials
8.4 (d) - Conduct Prejudicial to the Administration of Justice
8.4 (l) - Violate ELCs
8.4 (n) - Conduct Demonstrating Unfitness to Practice Law
Discipline Notice:
Description: Stephen L. Wozny, WSBA No. 9138, admitted 1979, of Longview, was disbarred effective September 11, 2003, by order of the Washington State Supreme Court following a hearing. This discipline was based on his conduct in 2001 and 2002 demonstrating unfitness to practice law.
Mr. Wozny represented clients in an appeal. During 2001 and 2002, Mr. Wozny personally delivered case pleadings to the presiding judge’s residence on four occasions. On one occasion, he arranged for substituted service of case pleadings on the judge’s wife at their residence. Mr. Wozny also called the judge at his residence arguing for a stay of the appeal proceedings. In March, 2002, Mr. Wozny filed a “pre indictment” notice and pleadings requesting removal of several judges for “bias, prejudice and criminal acts against Stephen L. Wozny.” In later pleadings, Mr. Wozny alleged that some of the judges were participating in racketeering schemes and other crimes. In August 2002, Mr. Wozny filed a civil complaint for libel against the judge assigned to the clients’ appeal, seeking $1,032,750,000.00 in damages. In January 2003, the complaint was dismissed and CR 11 sanctions were imposed against Mr. Wozny for filing a frivolous complaint.
Mr. Wozny’s conduct violated: RPCs 3.5(a), prohibiting seeking to influence a judge by means prohibited by law; 3.5(b)prohibiting ex-parte communication with judges, except as permitted by law; 3.5(c), prohibiting conduct intended to disrupt a tribunal; 3.1, prohibiting bringing unmeritorious proceedings; 8.2(a), prohibiting making false statements about the qualifications, integrity or record of a judge; 8.4(d), prohibiting conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice; 8.4(l), requiring lawyers to comply with the ELCs; 8.4(n), prohibiting conduct demonstrating unfitness to practice law.
Thuy N. Leeper and David Goodnight represented the Bar Association. Mr. Wozny represented himself. David A. Thorner was the Hearing Officer.

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