Vital Strategies for Licensing: The 10th Annual IP Licensing Seminar (May 2015) [15609-MP3 / 15609-FSV]

Vital Strategies for Licensing: The 10th Annual IP Licensing Seminar (May 2015) [15609-MP3 / 15609-FSV]

Original Program Date: May 21, 2015
Duration: 5 hours, 57 minutes
Credits: Ethics: 1.00, Law & Legal Procedure: 5.00
List Price:$275.00
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Product Description:

The licensing of a business’s intellectual property is a vital business strategy. Stay ahead of the legal issues in the multi-faceted field of intellectual property licensing with this recorded seminar. Gain an understanding of branding, licensing, spin-offs and royalties – the full range of electronic product distribution and internet marketing issues that bring new challenges to intellectual property licensing.

Dive into the issues that attorneys and firms must be ready for:
  • Learn strategies for monetizing patents
  • Understand the issues, risks and key provisions in a patent license
  • Get a foundation in the new and fascinating world of licensing marijuana strains and products
  • Explore all the IP considerations of a product as it travels from the manufacturer to the point of purchase
  • Stay current in intellectual case law with an annual review
  • Discuss the ethical issues that confront IP attorneys, using engaging scenarios
Program Co-Chairs:
Malabika (Reena) J. Ghosh - Atossa Genetics, Inc., Seattle
Thomas J. Satagaj - Seed IP, Seattle

This seminar was recorded on May 21, 2015, in Seattle, WA.

Full program agenda and faculty
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Coursebook contains 580 pages.

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