Navigating Elder Law Systems: Advising Clients in a Complex World (March 2016) [C16380]

Navigating Elder Law Systems: Advising Clients in a Complex World (March 2016) [C16380] - In Stock

Seminar Date: March 4, 2016
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This seminar took place on March 4, 2016 in Seattle, WA.

Product Description:

Elder law is constantly changing and you'll want to stay in the loop of what's current - and what’s coming up. Explore specific issues facing elder law attorneys, including:

  • Getting the mid-term legislative updates you’ve come to count on this program to provide.
  • Exploring the mental health issues that may be affecting your clients and get practice tips on how to advise.
  • Getting to know the elder community resources available to your clients and their families
  • Staying current on the complex and changing landscape of benefits with Sean Bleck
  • Learning about financial institutions as “the other side of elder law” – the corporate institutions that practitioners deal with, and why and how they operate

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Legal Assistance and Advocacy for Older Adults in Washington
Meredith E. Childers
Emily V. T. Headings
Ann LoGerfo
Genevieve Mann
Janet Varon
Erica L. Wolf

Chapter 2: Financial Institutions and Their Intersection with Elder Law
Lawrence R. Cock
Jack M. Lovejoy

Chapter 3: Working Effectively with Long-Term Care & Seniors Housing Communities
Gail E. Mautner

Chapter 4: Navigating Health Care Facilities
Heath S. Fox

Chapter 5: Hot Topics in Olympia: WA State Legislature 2016 Session Update
Megan S. Farr

Chapter 6: A Paradigm Shift from a Medical to a Functional Definition of Capacity
Shirley Bondon

Chapter 7: Medicaid's New Long-Term Program
Sean R. Bleck

Chapter 8: Case Law Updates
Karen E. Boxx

Chapter 9: The Ethical Elder Law Practitioner
Richard L. Furman, Jr.

Coursebook contains 378 pages