Looking for Answers: Practice Management, Malpractice, and Ethical Questions (May 2016) [16503-MP3 / 16503-FSV]

Looking for Answers: Practice Management, Malpractice, and Ethical Questions (May 2016) [16503-MP3 / 16503-FSV]

Original Program Date: May 3, 2016
Duration: 3 hours, 5 minutes
Credits: Ethics: 3.00
List Price:$159.00
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“Looking for Answers” is an educational seminar designed to highlight and explore solutions to practice management issues, malpractice concerns, and ethical questions encountered by lawyers.

This half-day recorded program uses three video vignettes to explore these thorny issues. While the events presented in each vignette are fabricated, they nonetheless represent real world scenarios that can, will, and have occurred. After each vignette, the presenter will lead a panel discussion to find the answers under Washington’s Rules of Professional Responsibility.

Issues to be sorted through include:
  • Ethical concerns with companies that provide court appearance services
  • Settlement negotiation boundaries
  • Unintentional recovery of redacted data on documents obtained during discovery
  • When your client wants to bypass the lawyers and negotiate directly with the adverse party
  • Malpractice waivers and client who refuse to follow your advice
  • Monitoring the social media space of jurors and potential jurors
  • Competency, limited scope representation, and flat fee agreements
  • The responsibilities that come when agreeing to serve as co-counsel
  • Lawyer participation in “legal dating sites”
Mark Bassignthwaighte, Esq. - ALPS Risk Management, Missoula, MT
Jeanne Marie Clavere - Washington State Bar Association, Seattle, WA
Robert Christie - Christie Law Group, Seattle, WA

This program was a live seminar and webcast presented on May 03, 2016, in Seattle, WA. If you attended the live seminar or webcast and reported CLE credits, you cannot also report credits from watching or listening to this recording.

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