Environmental and Land Use Law Midyear Meeting and Conference (May 2016) [C16739]

Environmental and Land Use Law Midyear Meeting and Conference (May 2016) [C16739] - In Stock

Seminar Date: May 5, 2016
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This seminar took place on May 5-7, 2016, in Cle Elum, WA.

Product Description:

Environmental and land use is one of the most dynamic and critical areas of the law in our state and nation. A healthy environment requires diligent stewardship while addressing the needs of our urban, rural and tribal people. How can agencies, municipalities, tribes and individuals work together to maintain the integrity of the environment, while maintaining the quality of life standards for people across the socio-economic spectrum?

Presented by the Environmental and Land Use Law Section, read dynamic material and explore the most pressing issues in environmental and land use law, including:

  • Get the most comprehensive updates on state and national land use and environmental case law
  • Find out the status of the litigation and battle over CERCLA liability for aerial deposition
  • Track the hottest topics in environmental law – where we are and where we’re going
  • Gain perspective on the Law of Vesting
  • Stay current in in water rights and use issues
  • Dig into the status of the Hanford cleanup – have we reached the half- life?
  • Hear essential updates from state environmental and land use boards
  • Explore the ethical considerations for representing multiple parties at aquatic cleanup sites

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Law of Vesting: What the Heck Is It? Does It Need a Fix? What's the Fix?
David A. Bricklin
Richard Hill
Roger D. Wynne

Chapter 2: Land Use Law Update
Richard L. Settle

Chapter 3A: You Say EFSEC, I Say EFSC, Shall We Call the Whole Thing Off?
Timothy L. McMahan

Chapter 3B: You Say EFSEC, I Say EFSC, Shall We Call the Whole Thing Off?
Rep. Jeff Morris

Chapter 4: Environmental and Land Use Board Update
Kristie C. Elliott

Chapter 5: Mitigation Banks, In-Lieu Fees, and Permittee Sponsored Mitigation - Opportunities and Challenges
Brent Carson

Chapter 6: Hot Topics in Water Law
Thomas McDonald

Chapter 7: Keynote Speaker
Maia Bellon

Chapter 8: A Balance of Powers: the Story of the 2016 Legislature
Jason C. Callahan

Chapter 9: Hot Topics in Environmental Law
Jay J. Manning

Chapter 10:Teck in Its Tweens: An Update on 12 Years of Litigation and the Battle Over CERCLA Liability of Aerial Deposition
Svend A. Brandt-Erichsen
Kelly T. Wood

Chapter 11: Homelessness: Causes and Solutions, from Utah to King County
Mark Putnam
Lolyd Pendleton
Suzanne M. Skinner

Chapter 12: Environmental Case Law Update
Erica Doctor
Rosemary D. Boelens

Chapter 13: You Can't Always Get What You Want...But If You Try, You Might Get What You Need
Courtney A. Kaylor
David S. MAnn

Chapter 14: Now That the Dams Have Come Down, the Sediment Is Sure To Follow: Issues Expected and Unexpected Following Elwha River Dam Removal
Steve Suagee

Chapter 15: Street Vacations: The Legal World Meets the Real World
Holly D. Golden

Chapter 16: Hanford Cleanup: Have We Reaced the Half-Life
Andrew A. Fitz

Chapter 17: Ethical Considerations for Multi- Party Representation at Aquatic Cleanup Sites
Alexandra K. Gilliland

Chapter 18: Rules of Professional Conduct (Table of Rules)

Coursebook contains 666 pages