2nd Annual Animal Law Summit: Hot Topics Across North America (August 2016) [C16804]

2nd Annual Animal Law Summit: Hot Topics Across North America (August 2016) [C16804] - In Stock

Seminar Date: August 12, 2016
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This seminar took place on August 12, 2016 in Seattle, WA.

Product Description:

A unique gathering of international animal law practitioners and professors with insights into animal law case law and legislative development for 2015-2016. Each delegate will present an overview of their jurisdiction’s animal law highlights of compelling issues.

Highlights of the issues to be discussed:

  • Montana: pig wrestling, wolf and coyote hunts, and service animal cases before the Human Rights Bureau.
  • Arizona: the end of greyhound racing and ordinances banning commercially bred animals.
  • British Columbia: scienter in dog bite liability, dangerous dog destruction orders, mandatory consideration of best interest of animal in custody disputes, legality of bestiality.
  • California: current status of foie gras production and sale; ending of captive orca breeding at Sea World; unfair competition law against businesses engaging in animal cruelty.
  • Colorado: service animal fraud and ag-gag law, the Commerce City police shooting case, admissibility of past animal abuse in later child abuse charge.
  • Georgia: the Monyak case on valuation; update on breed-specific legislation at state and local governmental levels.
  • Washington: ram liability, public disclosure law and zoos, liability of National Park Service in failing to kill mountain goat.
  • Idaho: City of Payette’s vicious dog ordinance deemed unconstitutional; Idaho’s ag-gag law stricken, hunting by drone.
  • Louisiana: animal shelter registry, “first scratch” rule, equine immunity and thumb amputation.
  • Indiana: the Liddle case concerning trapping in state parks and unintended canine casualties; whether a shelter is a “victim” under the general restitution statute.
  • Nevada: statutory cap on damages for harm to a pet; the problem of dangerous dogs not reclaimed by owners; companion animal trusts as vehicle for standing.
  • Virginia: statutory creation of “private animal shelter,” the Zarate v. PETA case, pet shop litigation.
  • Florida: “Padi’s Bill,” intrinsic value, black bear hunting.
  • Illinois: animal abuse registry, due process challenges to dangerous dog proceedings, amendment to Illinois Humane Care for Animals Act.
  • Michigan: protection of pets in personal protection orders, steps to outlaw the gas chamber, service animals in schools and the Fry v. Napoleon Comm. Sch. case.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Florida Update
Marcy LaHart

Chapter 2: Georgia Update
Claudine Wilkins

Chapter 3: Michigan Update
Steve Seman

Chapter 4: Virginia Update
Heidi Meinzer

Chapter 5: Indiana Update
Prof. Rebecca J. Huss

Chapter 6: Illinois Update
Tracy A. McGonigle

Chapter 7: Minnesota Update
Cathy Crane

Chapter 8: Keynote Presentation
Ledy VanKavage

*No materials were submitted for this portion of the program.

Chapter 9: Colorado Update
Kate Burke

Chapter 10: Montana Update
Stacey L. Gordon

Chapter 11: Idaho Update
Adam P. Karp

Chapter 12: Arizona Update
Sara L. Dent
Stephanie Nichols-Young

Chapter 13: British Columbia Update
Cara Hunt

Chapter 14: Oregon Update
Emily Elison

Chapter 15: Nevada Update
Kathy McCarthy

Chapter 16: California Update
Lori R. Mendez

Chapter 17: Washington Update
Adam P. Karp

Chapter 18: Compare and Contrast State and National Issues with Delegate Dialogue
Moderator: Adam P. Karp

*No materials were submitted for this portion of the program.

Coursebook contains 443 pages