Washington Real Property Deskbook Supplement to Volume 6: Land Use Development (2016)  [DSUPP166676]

Washington Real Property Deskbook Supplement to Volume 6: Land Use Development (2016) [DSUPP166676] - In Stock

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Editor-in-Chief: Heather L. Burgess, Phillips Burgess PLLC, Olympia

The 2016 supplement to Volume 6, Land Use Development, focuses on project-specific issues and related land use processes and legal concerns, and reflects major developments through August 2016. Because of significant changes in the law since publication of the fourth edition in 2011, the following chapters have been completely replaced rather than merely supplemented: 5, 6, 9, 16, and 17.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. State Environmental Policy Act—Project Level Review
Chapter 2. Subdivision of Land
Chapter 3. Dedication and Vacation
Chapter 4. PUDs, Binding Site Plans, and Other Innovative Land Use Controls
Chapter 5. Commercial Development
Chapter 6. Washington Land Development Act
Chapter 7. Development Exactions and Impact Fees
Chapter 8. Development Agreements
Chapter 9. Transfer of Development Rights
Chapter 10. Shoreline Substantial Development
Chapter 11. Water Rights
Chapter 12. State-Owned Public Lands
Chapter 13. Mining Law—Surface Mining Regulations, Federal Mining Regulations
Chapter 14. Forest Practices
Chapter 15. Land Use Appeals and Judicial Review – Administrative Procedure Act and Other  Remedies
Chapter 16. Land Use Appeals and Litigation—Land Use Petition Act
Chapter 17. Land Use Damages Actions -- Project Delay, Conditions, Denial
Chapter 18. Mediation and Voluntary Resolution of Environmental, Natural Resource, and Land Use Conflicts
Chapter 19. Nuisance & Trespass in Land Use Cases


This product consists of JUST the 2016 Supplement to Volume 6. To purchase Volume 6 (2012) PLUS the 2016 Supplement, click on the link below.

Real Property Volume 6 (2012) plus 2016 Supplement

Conversion Table—Where chapters in Third Edition appear in Fourth Edition
Conversion Table—Where chapters in Fourth Edition appeared in Third Edition
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Published: 2016
482 pages

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