Speaking with Awareness (November 2016) [17550-5MP3 / 17550-5VIDEO]

Speaking with Awareness (November 2016) [17550-5MP3 / 17550-5VIDEO]

Original Program Date: November 15, 2016
Duration: 1 hours
Credits: Ethics: 1.00
List Price:$99.00
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This recorded session was presented as part of the live seminar and webcast, "Speaking as a Lawyer: Hone Your Communication Skills," recorded on November 15, 2016, in Seattle, WA. If you attended the live seminar or webcast and reported CLE credits, you cannot also report credits from watching or listening to this recording.

Product Description:

You have said something that has been perceived as bias. This could have happened anywhere, anytime – in court, with a client or a colleague. You’re tongue tied. You want to fix it, but you’re not sure what to say.

This session prepares you to recognize and recover from the use of biased language manifested as micro-aggressions and micro-insults. Hypotheticals are drawn from the context of the legal practice. Learn four basic strategies on how to recover using self and community acknowledgment, affirmations and openness to learning as recovery tools.

Presenter: K. Joy Williams - Diversity and Public Service Program Manager, Washington State Bar Association, Seattle

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