Trial Advocacy Program (October 2016) [C17128]

Trial Advocacy Program (October 2016) [C17128] - In Stock

Seminar Date: October 28, 2016
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This seminar took place on October 28, 2016 in Seattle, WA.

Product Description:

This coursebook is appropriate for attorneys working in either the criminal or civil arena with little or no trial experience.
Topics cover the full cycle of a trial, including:

  • Trial Ethics
  • Objections and Motions in Limine
  • Voir Dire
  • Opening Statements
  • Documentation Throughout the Trial
  • Presenting Evidence and Demonstrative Evidence
  • Direct Examination and Exhibits
  • Cross Examination and Redirect
  • Closing Arguments

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Trial Ethics
Jeanne Marie Clavere

Chapter 2: Finding and Presenting Your Client's Best Case
John R. (Jack) Connelly

Chapter 3: Objections and Motions in Limine
Craig A. Sims

Chapter 4: New Lawyer Panel
Daniel McLafferty
Vincent Nappo
Mallory Allen

Chapter 5: Voir Dire
James Gooding

Chapter 6: Opening Statements
Karen Koehler

Chapter 7: Documentation Throughout the Trial
Irwin H. Schwartz

Chapter 8: Presenting Evidence and Demonstrative Evidence
Alexis T. Foster

Chapter 9: Direct Examination and Exhibits
Judge Jack F. Nevin

Chapter 10: Litigation Section Panel
Michael T. Pfau
Thomas B. Vertetis

Chapter 11: Cross Examination and Redirect
Portia R. Moore

Chapter 12: Closing Arguments
Felix G. Luna

Chapter 13: Rules of Professional Conduct (Table of Rules)

Chapter 14: Mock Trial Case Materials

Coursebook contains 586 pages