Environmental and Land Use Law [ENVLANDUSE]

Environmental and Land Use Law [ENVLANDUSE]

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The Environmental and Land Use Law Section helps members keep up with this rapidly developing area of law. The Section provides various forums through which members can meet, exchange ideas with, and learn from others who practice in the field.

The Section newsletter, published three times each year, contains current, scholarly information on emerging trends in environmental and land use law, including analyses of cases, draft rules, and new statutes that affect our area of practice.

Other forums include the multi-day, midyear CLE conference held in the spring, a one-day CLE in the fall, and a free, one-hour CLE at each of the quarterly Section meetings. These CLEs explore hot topics and allow members to socialize and swap ideas.


For more information on the many benefits of section membership, see the Environmental and Land Use Law Section website. For general questions, please e-mail inquiries to sections@wbsa.org.