Looking Ahead: Changes in the Law and a New Administration (Spring 2017) [WBR17GEN-FSV]

Looking Ahead: Changes in the Law and a New Administration (Spring 2017) [WBR17GEN-FSV]

Original Program Date: February 1, 2017
Duration: 7 hours, 20 minutes
Credits: Law & Legal Procedure: 5.75, Other: 1.50
List Price:$253.75
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In this five-part recorded webinar series, look ahead to potential changes in the law under a new administration.

Coursebook contains 292 pages.

http://wsba.vo.llnwd.net/v1/Graphics/WBR17GEN/17836WBR.jpg Immigration Law and the New Administration
Original Program Date:   February 1, 2017

What are some potential impacts on immigration law and immigrant rights, based on the President’s 10-point plan, the Republican majority in congress, and Secretary of Homeland Security and Attorney General appointees? In this 90-minute recorded webinar, hear from practicing immigration attorneys and learn more about potential changes to be aware of when advocating for and advising your clients.


Malou Chávez - Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, Seattle
Kripa Upadhyay – Orbit Law PLLC, Seattle

http://wsba.vo.llnwd.net/v1/Graphics/WBR17GEN/17682WBR.jpg LGBTQ Rights and the New Administration
Original Program Date:   February 15, 2017

Are you wondering what the recent advancements in LGBTQ rights will look like under a new administration in Washington, D.C.? Get the perspectives and insights of experienced attorneys in this 90-minute recorded webinar and be better prepared to advise and advocate for your clients. Get an overview of the last four years and a look ahead on issues, on both the federal and state level, relating to employment, education/Title IX, housing, identity documents and privacy, and the state of marriage.

Beth Bloom - Frank Freed Subit & Thomas, Seattle
Paul Southwick - Davis Wright Tremaine, Portland

http://wsba.vo.llnwd.net/v1/Graphics/WBR17GEN/17400WBR.jpg Employment Law Updates and the New Administration
Original Program Date:   March 15, 2017

If the lessons of the first weeks of the new administration are any indication, we are likely to expect more changes to come down the pike. What are the issues that are uniquely in the province of labor and employment law? How best to prepare for changes as they could affect your clients? Whether they are sweeping changes to immigration, LGBTQ protections, or the fate of the federal overtime regulations, the status quo will likely be a thing of the past. Also discussed are what changes to state and local laws might look like during the next four years, including the Washington Minimum Wage Act.

Presenter: Laura Morse – Jensen Morse Baker PLLC, Seattle

http://wsba.vo.llnwd.net/v1/Graphics/WBR17GEN/17862WBR.jpg Presidential Power and Its Limits
Original Program Date:   April 27, 2017

Presidential transitions raise important questions, including: How much power does a president have? What tools do presidents frequently rely upon in order to advance their agendas? And what role do Congress and the courts play in checking a president’s power?

This 90-minute recorded webinar will provide an overview of the scope, and limits, of presidential power in modern politics, drawing on recent examples from the Obama and Trump administrations.

Presenter: Kathryn Watts – University of Washington School of Law, Seattle

http://wsba.vo.llnwd.net/v1/Graphics/WBR17GEN/17864WBR.jpg Enforcing Federal Priorities Through Commandeering and Financial Threats
Original Program Date:   May 24, 2017

This webinar reviews the history—starting with the Revolution—of the national government’s attempts to recruit the states to assist in carrying out federal programs and priorities. It then focuses on recent federal attempts to entice and coerce the states into helping the national government, attempts repeatedly blocked by “conservative” majorities on the U.S. Supreme Court. The most recent example is John Roberts’ lead opinion in NFIB v. Sebelius, which undercut President Obama’s use of the Spending Power and the Commerce Clause to enforce state participation under the Affordable Care Act. NFIB and similar court decisions will now constrain the Trump Administration as well.

Presenter: Hugh Spitzer – University of Washington School of Law, Seattle

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