Senior Lawyers [SENIOR]

Senior Lawyers [SENIOR]

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Welcome to the rank of Senior Lawyer! The Senior Lawyers Section is geared toward lawyers aged 55 years and counting or who have been in practice in any jurisdiction for 25 years.


The Section hosts an annual meeting and CLE program, social activities, and a newsletter. CLE programs focus on issues such as ethics, computer use, retirement strategies, and appellate procedures. 


The Section's quarterly publication, Life Begins, is geared toward active senior lawyers. Section members are encouraged to submit articles of general interest and on legal issues.

Pursuant to the Section's Bylaws, any active member of the Washington State Bar Association 55 years of age and older or who has been in practice in any jurisdiction for 25 years may be enrolled as a member of the Section upon request and payment of annual Section dues...and for the purpose recommended by the Executive Committee of the Section and approved by the Board of Governors of the Washington State Bar Association.  Inactive members of the Washington State Bar Association and other lay persons may join as subscribers for the purpose of participating in the activities of the Section but may not be involved in the governance of the Section.  Additionally, in accordance with the bylaws of the Washington State Bar Association, law students may join the Section as non-voting subscriber members.


For those of you who are not already members of the Senior Lawyers Section, consider joining this enthusiastic group by signing up now.


For more information on the many benefits of section membership, see the Senior Lawyers Section websiteFor general questions, please e-mail inquiries to