Elder Law Bundle [BUN18ELD]

Elder Law Bundle [BUN18ELD]

Duration: 15 hours, 13 minutes
Credits: Ethics: 3.00, Law & Legal Procedure: 12.25
List Price:    $699.00
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All components of this bundle were presented as, or as part of, a live CLE or webcast. If you attended the live seminar or webcast, or purchased and viewed the recorded versions of any of the components of the bundle, you are not able to claim the same credits again. Please review the CLEs in the bundle to make sure you have not previously claimed credit for them.

View components by July 31, 2019.

All components of this bundle are delivered as streaming video.


http://wsba.vo.llnwd.net/v1/Graphics/BUN18ELD/16380.jpg Navigating Elder Law Systems: Advising Clients in a Complex World
Original Program Date:   March 4, 2016

Explore the web of intersecting systems making up the landscape of elder law practice in this recorded seminar. Learn what’s new – and what’s on the horizon.(Full program agenda and faculty)

http://wsba.vo.llnwd.net/v1/Graphics/BUN18ELD/17380.jpg Advising and Advocating for Your Elder Practice Clients: Emerging Issues to Address
Original Program Date:   March 24, 2017

This annual recorded program presents current topics that address how you can better advise your clients of recent changes and how to access programs and resources that your practice and your clients may need. (Full program agenda and faculty)

http://wsba.vo.llnwd.net/v1/Graphics/BUN18ELD/17860-4.jpg Advance Dementia Planning for our Clients, our Families, and Ourselves: Introduction to the Alzheimer's/Dementia Mental Health Advance Directive
Original Program Date:   May 5, 2017

This recorded session was presented as part of the live seminar and webcast, Practice Transitions: Baby Boomers and Beyond!, recorded on May 5, 2017, in SeaTac, WA.

In this presentation, look at a relatively new way of planning for a future with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia using Mental Health Advance Directives (MHADs). Typically, MHADs have been used by clients with mental disabilities like bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, and severe depression. Clients with these illnesses tend to have periods of relative stability followed by de-compensation. However, people with dementia tend to get increasingly worse rather than cycling up and down. This session explores how this difference affects planning and future decision making about Alzheimer’s care. (Full program agenda and faculty)

http://wsba.vo.llnwd.net/v1/Graphics/BUN18ELD/16498-7.jpg Conflicts of Interest Here, There and Everywhere
Original Program Date:   April 22, 2016

This recorded session was presented as part of the live seminar and webcast, 13th Annual Trust and Estate Litigation Seminar, recorded on April 22, 2016, in Seattle, WA.

In this recorded session take a deep dive into the ethical complications of conflicts of interest with a King County Superior Court Judge. (Full program agenda and faculty)

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