Corporate Counsel [CORPORATELAW]

Corporate Counsel [CORPORATELAW]

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* If you are an in-house counsel attorney, please update your demographc information here prior to joining the Corporate Counsel section.


The Corporate Counsel Section provides a number of programs and other resources for our members. Our popular quarterly dinner meetings provide an excellent opportunity to socialize and network, and include speakers on various topics of interest to Section members. CLE credit is generally available for each dinner meeting.


Membership in the Corporate Counsel Section is open to any active member in good standing of the Washington State Bar Association. Our members include in-house legal counsel, attorneys in private practice who spend a substantial portion of their time working with in-house counsel, and other attorneys who provide legal counsel to businesses or non-profit enterprises. We urge attorneys interested in learning more about corporate law departments and general business and corporate law to join our Section. Law students may join as subscribers of the section, but do not have voting rights.


For more information on the many benefits of section membership, see the Corporate Counsel Section website. For general questions, please e-mail inquiries to