Washington Estate Planning Deskbook (2005) [D05505]

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The first edition of the Washington Estate Planning Deskbook is no longer for sale. Most county law libraries in Washington have copies of the first edition in their collections. You can subscribe to the first edition online at Casemaker Libra.

Comprehensive coverage of the most important ethical and tax considerations and the principal estate planning techniques. Full of practice tips and examples. Selected forms on CD.

Editors-in-Chief: Thomas R. Andrews, John R. Price, Mark Reutlinger

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Scope and Coverage 
Chapter 2. Estate Planning Representation
Chapter 3. Estate Planning: Fact - finding, Communication, and Commitments  
Chapter 4. Characterization of Property 
Chapter 5. Basic Federal and State Tax Relevant to Estate Planning
Chapter 6. Planning for Disability, Health Care, and Other End - of - Life Concerns  
Chapter 7. Preliminary Techniques for Nonprobate Transfer
Chapter 8. Changed Circumstances and Miscellaneous General Issues Relating to Disposition of Assets by Will
Chapter 9. Domestic Relations Issues
Chapter 10. Migratory and Conflict Issues
Chapter 11. The Drafting and Funding of Testamentary Trusts
Chapter 12. Planning Charitable Gifts at Death
Chapter 13. Lifetime Giving
Chapter 14. Nonprobate Transfers: Revocable Trusts
Chapter 15. Estate Planning for Retirement Plans and IRAs
Chapter 16. Wills

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Published: 2005
848 pages


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