Washington Law of Wills and Intestate Succession (2d ed. 2006) [D04111]

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The second edition of Washington Law of Wills and Intestate Succession is out of print. (It is still available online by annual subscription. Click here for more information) We anticipate releasing the third edition in Spring 2018. Contact Order Fulfillment at orders@wsba.org if you would like to be notified of its release.

WSBA-CLE Publications is honored to have published the revised second edition of this popular work by Mark Reutlinger, Professor Emeritus of Law, Seattle University School of Law.  It is the primary reference work on the Washington law of wills and the only comprehensive treatise available on that subject as articulated by Washington courts.

  • In-depth discussion of the past 20 years of changes, including results of legislation recommended by the Probate Law Task Force (on which the author served), as well as the passage of legislation such as the Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act of 1999 (TEDRA)
  • New chapter on the law governing Indians and Indian property, reflecting the almost total revision of the federal law governing the descent of Indian property

Author: Mark Reutlinger, Seattle University School of Law

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Intestacy
Chapter 2. Execution of Wills
Chapter 3. Grounds for Contest
Chapter 4. Revocation
Chapter 5. Changes in Circumstances
Chapter 6. Construction and Interpretation
Chapter 7. Restrictions and Conditions
Chapter 8. Will Substitutes and Will Contracts
Chapter 9. Probate and Administration
Chapter 10. Integration, Incorporation, and Related Matters of Inclusion
Chapter 11. Law Governing Indians and Property

Published: 2006
490 pages

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