The 20th Annual Criminal Justice Institute (September 2013) [C13816]

The 20th Annual Criminal Justice Institute (September 2013) [C13816] - In Stock

Seminar Date: September 19, 2013
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This seminar took place on September 19, 2013, in Burien, WA.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Legislative Update
Thomas McBride

Chapter 2-A. Do’s and Don’ts in the Courtroom
Hon. Jeanette M. Dalton

Chapter 2-B. Do’s and Don’ts in the Courtroom
Hon. Rebecca C. Robertson

Chapter 2-C. Do’s and Don’ts in the Courtroom
Hon. Richard A. Jones

Chapter 3. Keynote Address: Confrontation Clause
Hon. Jack F. Nevin

Chapter 4. Disproportionality in the Criminal Justice System
Daniel T. Satterberg

Chapter 5. Ethics and Criminal Law
Hugh K. Birgenheier

Chapter 6. New Lawyer Track: The Pitfalls and Adrenaline Rushes of Criminal Law
Edwin Aralica
Hugh K. Birgenheier
Jimmy I. Hung
Kim E. Hunter
Paul Sewell

Chapter 7. New DUI Laws — Detailed Facts, Ma’am
Jennifer L . Sievers

Chapter 8-A. Juvenile Program 180
Leesa Manion

Chapter 8-B. Juvenile Program 180
Doug Wheeler

Chapter 9. 50 Years After Gideon: Should the Right to Counsel Be Expanded?
David B. Zuckerman

Chapter 10. Ethical Issues and the New Marijuana Law
Stephen D. Trinen

Chapter 11. Evidence
Karl B. Tegland

Chapter 12. Washington Search and Seizure
Stephen D. Trinen

Chapter 13. Judicial Appointment Process and Considerations
Nicholas W. Brown

Chapter 14. Voir Dire — Defense
Edward J. DeCosta

Chapter 15. Voir Dire — Prosecution
Roger S. Rogoff

Chapter 16. Marijuana 502 Update
Alison Holcomb

Chapter 17. The Draeger 9510 — A New Breath Test Machine for Washington State
Sergeant Ken Denton

Chapter 18. Understanding and Dealing with Secondary Trauma
Laura Merchant, LICSW

Chapter 19. The Process of Escalating Use of Force
Jeffrey Paynter

Program Co-Chairs:
Hugh K. Birgenheier - Pierce County Prosecutor's Office, Tacoma
Jimmy I. Hung - King County Prosecutor's Office, Seattle
Kim E. Hunter - Law Offices of Kim E. Hunter PLLC, Covington
Leesa Manion - King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Coursebook contains 292 pages