IP Advanced Licensing: State of the Art (February 2014) [C14609]

IP Advanced Licensing: State of the Art (February 2014) [C14609] - In Stock

Seminar Date: February 4, 2014
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This seminar took place on February 4, 2014, in Seattle, WA. 

Product Description:

For lawyers who want to stay ahead of the legal issues surrounding the licensing of intellectual property, every day the full range of electronic product distribution and internet marketing bring new challenges to intellectual property through activities involved in branding, licensing, spin-offs and royalties.

Take a deep dive into the issues that attorneys and firms must be ready for in the fast-paced intellectual property licensing field:

  • Learn strategies for creating wealth through brand licensing, including merchandising, trademark, domain names and online protection
  • Understand the issues, risks and key provisions in a patent license
  • Keep up to date on how licensing drives the gaming industry and how this affects other industries
  • Get multiple perspectives on the considerations between software, life sciences and technology licensing
  • Stay current in intellectual case law with an annual review
  • Stay firm in your focus on ethical issues in licensing with scenarios and case studies

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Annual Licensing Case Law Review
David K. Daggett
James R. Black

Chapter 2: Understanding the Patent License
Moderator: Thomas J. Satagaj
Kurt Becker
Bart Eppenauer

Chapter 3: Contrasting Considerations between Software, Life Science and Technology Licensing
Moderator: Louis Carbonneau
Tatiana K. Moore
Beth Etscheid
Luis Valdes
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Chapter 4: Stay Ahead of the Game! How Licensing Drives the Gaming Industry
Joel D. Emans
Nick Mitchell
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Chapter 5: Spreading the Name: Creating Wealth through Brand Licensing
Russell W. Jacobs
William O. Ferron

Chapter 6: Ethics Considerations in Licensing
Christopher H. Howard
Colin J. Folawn

Coursebook contains 99 pages