Immigration Fundamentals for Attorneys (January 2014) [C14835]

Immigration Fundamentals for Attorneys (January 2014) [C14835] - In Stock

Seminar Date: January 30, 2014
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This seminar took place on January 30, 2014, in Seattle, WA.

Product Description:

This program is designed to provide practitioners with the fundamentals of immigration law. Whether you are just starting to practice in this particular area -- or get the occasional related case -- enjoy this review with experienced members of AILA-WA to ensure the latest information for your clients.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1-A: Immigration Overview: Basics of Family-Based Immigration
Kripa Upadhyay

Chapter 1-B: Immigration Overview: Basics of Employment-Based Immigration
Carin Weinrich

Chapter 1-C: Immigration Overview: Asylum Cases: Affirmative vs. Defensive Cases
Maggie Cheng

Chapter 2: Intersection of Employment and Immigration Law
Gregg Rodgers

Chapter 3: Removal Proceedings: An Overview
Liya Djamilova
Erica Schommer

Chapter 4-A: Fee Agreements: RPC Basics and Fee Agreements
Jeanne Marie Clavere

Chapter 4-B: Fee Agreements: IOLTAs: Accounting for Client Funds
Rita Swanson

Chapter 4-C: Fee Agreements: Practical Examples of Fee Agreements
Charity Anastasio

Coursebook contains 232 pages.