The Art of Trial Persuasion (October 2012) [13682-3VIDEO]

The Art of Trial Persuasion (October 2012) [13682-3VIDEO]

Original Program Date: October 19, 2012
Duration: 1 hours, 28 minutes
AV Credits: General: 1.50
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Long before the Gutenberg Bible, the daily newspaper, radio, television, and the Internet, storytellers educated the people. Recent research has established that if evidence is presented in a disconnected and confusing fashion jurors will compose and create their own story to make sense of what they have heard, thus confirming what good trial lawyers instinctively know to do: tell a story.

The trial lawyer of today has many tools available to assist in his/her story and no lawyer should omit informative and cost-effective demonstrative evidence from the trial. However, a trial begins and ends with the spoken word. Talking to jurors, developing a personal relationship with them, and telling them the story remains, and will always remain, the foundation of a successful trial.

The persuasive trial attorney is a both a skilled wordsmith and an artistic storyteller. Mark Johnson and Stephanie Bloomfield will share their practical and successful secrets to winning your case.

Mark Johnson — Johnson & Flora PLLC, Seattle
Stephanie Bloomfield — Gordon Thomas Honeywell, Tacoma

From the seminar,
"The Persuasive Trial Attorney: The Next Level," recorded on October, 19, 2012, in Seattle, WA.

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