The 21st Annual Criminal Justice Institute (October 2014) [C15816]

The 21st Annual Criminal Justice Institute (October 2014) [C15816] - In Stock

Seminar Date: October 9, 2014
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This seminar took place on October 9-10, 2014, in Burien, WA.

Product Description:

These course materials bring together prosecutors, defense counsel, judges and law enforcement professionals to discuss current issues in criminal law and the challenges of a criminal law practice.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Recent Developments in Evidence Affecting Criminal Practice
Karl B. Tegland

Chapter 2: It's a Jungle Out There - The Intersection Between Criminal Law and Animal Law
Denise J. Lukins

Chapter 3: Supreme Court Decisions
Deborah Ahrens
*No written materials were submitted for this program.

Chapter 4: Legislative Update
Tom McBride

Chapter 5: Writing, Investigating, and the Law
Robert Dugoni

Chapter 6: How to Get Social Media Evidence from Facebook
Robert Perez

Chapter 7: Human Rights Issues, Victims & Witnesses to Crimes
Kurt D. Bennett
Laura A. Petregal

Chapter 8-A: The Essentials of Voir Dire - Does Voir Dire Matter?
Joanna J. Daniels

Chapter 8-B: The Essentials of Voir Dire
Hugh Birgenheier

Chapter 9: The Intersection of Law Enforcement and Mental Illness
Chief Steven D. Strachan

Chapter 10: Washington Search And Seizure Update
Hon. Robert E. McBeth

Chapter 11: Ethics for the Criminal Law Practitioner
Hugh Birgenheier
John A. Strait

Chapter 12: Mental Health Court - What Happens When Your Client is Declared Competent
Barry M. Ward

Chapter 13: The Expanding Scope of Brady v. Maryland
John P. Fairgrieve

Chapter 14: Ethical Pitfalls of Trials
John M. Sheeran

Chapter 15: Immigration, Canada and the World
Ann E. Benson

Chapter 16: A Look at Criminal Defense - Music and the Law
John Cain

Chapter 17: Effectively Working with Suspects with Mental Health Issues
Joseph Winters

Chapter 18: Search and Rescue Dog Demonstration
Josh Gerstman

Coursebook contains 426 pages