Washington Civil Procedure Deskbook (3d ed. 2014) [D14301]

Washington Civil Procedure Deskbook (3d ed. 2014) [D14301] - In Stock

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Editor-in-Chief:  Michael H. Runyan, Of Counsel, Lane Powell PC

This three-volume work, organized around the Washington Rules of Civil Procedure, provides in-depth treatment of each rule, including comparison with the corresponding federal rule, analysis of significant authorities, and strategic and practical considerations by leading litigators from across Washington state. Plus 100 sample forms, checklists, and pleadings on CD.



Part I. Introductory – CR 1-2A

Part II. Commencement of Action; Service of Process, Pleadings, Motions, and Orders – CR 3-6

Part III. Pleadings and Motions – CR 7-16

Part IV. Parties – CR 17-25



Part V. Depositions and Discovery – CR 26-37

Part VI. Trials – CR 38-53.4



Part VII. Judgment – CR 54-63

Part VIII. Provisional and Final Remedies – CR 64-71

Part IX. Appeals – CR 72-76 [Reserved]

Part X. Superior Courts and Clerks – CR 77-80

Part XI. General Provisions – CR 81-86


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Published: Oct. 2014
2,468 pages

This 2014 third edition replaces the 2002 second edition and the 2006 supplement.

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