Washington Family Law Deskbook (2d ed. 2000 plus 2012 Cumulative Supplement) [D129]

Washington Family Law Deskbook (2d ed. 2000 plus 2012 Cumulative Supplement) [D129] - In Stock

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This three-volume best-selling deskbook offers comprehensive treatment of every aspect of a family law case, from retainer agreements to the finality of decrees, with practice tips from leading practitioners, judges, and court commissioners. The 2012 Cumulative Supplement replaces the prior 2006 supplement and contains new chapters on domestic partnerships, Washington’s Indian Child Welfare Act, and international family law and completely revised replacement chapters on fee agreements, enhancing civility and maintaining privacy for your clients, access to child protective services and health care records, child support, military pensions, tax, parenting plans, child abuse and neglect, mediation, parentage, guardianship, and change of name.  This is the essential family law resource for Washington practitioners.

New addition to this set: Chapter 10 on Marriage was revised in 2014 to include discussion of the law of same-sex marriage in Washington, nationally, and internationally; a list of Internet-available resources for keeping abreast of this fast-developing field; and advice for practitioners counseling same-sex couples.

Over 100 forms on CD.

Editor-in-Chief: Daniel J. Radin

Summary of Contents
Part I. Managing the Family Law Practice/Dealing with the Client and Parties
Part II. Marital and Non-Marital Relations
Part III. Jurisdiction and Procedural Considerations
Part IV. Preparing the Case and Temporary Motions
Part V. Support
Part VI. Property
Part VII. Other Financial Considerations
Part VIII. Children
Part IX. Resolving the Case Without Trial
Part X. Creating New Family Relationships
Part XI. Post-Decree, Enforcement, and Ancillary Considerations
Part XII. Harmful Conduct

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Published: 2000; Cumulative Supplement 2012; replacement chapter 10 (Marriage) 2014
3086 pages

This product consists of the 2000 Deskbook PLUS the 2012 Cumulative Supplement PLUS a 2014 replacement chapter 10 on Marriage. To purchase JUST the 2012 Cumulative Supplement, click on the link below.

Washington Family Law Deskbook Cumulative Supplement (2012)

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