Washington Real Property Deskbook Supplement to Volumes 1 & 2 (2014) [DSUPP09667]

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Editor-in-Chief: William L. Green

The 2014 supplement reflects major developments through July 31, 2014. In addition to supplement material to be inserted at the end of chapters, there are complete replacement chapters 21 (Deeds of Trust) and 24 (Real Estate Lending Regulation).

Table of Contents
Volume 1
Part 1. Parties to Real Estate Transactions
Chapter 1. Choice of Entity in Real Estate Transactions
Chapter 2. Ownership by Fiduciaries and Transfers Upon Death
Chapter 3. Concurrent Interests in Land
Chapter 4. Powers of Attorney in Real Estate Transactions

Part 2. Basics of Real Estate Transactions

Chapter 5. Conveyances
Chapter 6. Recording and Constructive Notice
Chapter 7. Easements and Licenses
Chapter 8. Running Covenants
Chapter 9. Purchase and Sale of Commercial Real Estate
Chapter 10. Purchase and Sale of Residential Real Estate
Chapter 11. Escrows/Closings
Chapter 12. Real Estate Excise Tax
Chapter 13. Surveys, Land Descriptions, and Boundaries
Chapter 14. Title Insurance
Chapter 15. Real Estate Appraisals
Chapter 16. Insuring Interests in Real Property

Volume 2
Part 3. Leasing
Chapter 17. Landlord and Tenant
Chapter 18. Commercial Lease Practice
Chapter 19. Residential Lease Practice

Part 4. Financing and Remedies
Chapter 20. Mortgages
Chapter 21. Deeds of Trust
Chapter 22. Real Estate Contracts
Chapter 23. Fixtures
Chapter 24. Real Estate Lending Regulation
Chapter 25 Project Financing
Chapter 26. Receiverships


Conversion Table—Where chapters in Third Edition appear in Fourth Edition

Conversion Table—Where chapters in Fourth Edition appeared in Third Edition
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Published: 2014
354 pages

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Volumes 1 and 2: Real Estate Essentials (4th ed. 2009)