Environmental and Land Use Law Midyear Conference (May 2015) [C15739]

Environmental and Land Use Law Midyear Conference (May 2015) [C15739] - In Stock

Seminar Date: May 7, 2015
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This seminar took place on May 7-9, 2015 in Union, WA.

Product Description:

Learn of the most pressing issues in environmental and land use law:
* Get the best updates on state and national case law
* Know the stories of the 2015 legislative session and what to watch for in 2016
* Stay current on cannabis issues surrounding both land use and ethical considerations
* Gain perspective with a review of 25 years of the Growth Management Act
* Find out what you need to know about water for growth, wetland requirements, and water-related case law
* Explore the principles of Urbanism and its relationship with land use law
* Hear essential updates from state environmental and land use boards
* Discuss why reporting greenhouse gasses matters now more than ever
* Explore a tribal and hydropower perspectives of the Columbia River Treaty

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: "Dude, Where's my Pot Farm?" PIMBY-ism, Land Use Regulations and Conflicts in the Era of Legal Recreational Marijuana
Joshua C. Brower
Stephen Tan

Chapter 2: Significant Recent Land Use Case Law: the Year in Review
Richard L. Settle

Chapter 3: Water for Growth, Where Can it Come From?
Mark T. Peterson

Chapter 4: Greenhouse Gas Reporting: Why Does It Matter?
Hedia Adelsman

Chapter 5: Hot Topics in Environmental Law
Jay J. Manning

Chapter 6: Modernization of the Columbia River Treaty - A Status Report from a Northwest Hydropower Perspective and an Indian Tribal Perspective
Matthew A. Love
Joe Hovenkotter

Chapter 7: Ethics and Marijuana: Will This Ever Get Routine?
Philip J. Buri

Chapter 8: A Divided Olympia: The Story of the 2015 Legislative Session and What to Watch for in 2016
Jason C. Callahan

Chapter 9: Slicing Up the Potentially Expanding Pie: Allocation Considerations at Sediment Sites
Maren R. Norton

Chapter 10: Tribal Zoning and Land Use Regulation as a Tool for Environmental Protection
Connie Sue M. Martin

Chapter 11: Environmental Insurance after Gull Industries
Kurt B. Peterson

Chapter 12: Returning to the First Principles of Urbanism: Urbanism without Effort and Land Use Law
Charles R. Wolfe

Chapter 13: Earth, Wind, and Fire: Environmental Case Law Update for 2014-2015
Gregory T. Hixson

Chapter 14: Wetland Requirements: What is the Science behind the Requirements and What is New in 2015 New in 2015
Dyanne Sheldon

Chapter 15: 25 Years of the Growth Management Act
David A. Bricklin
Keith W. Dearborn

Chapter 16A: State Environmental & Land Use Boards Update
Kelly T. Wood

Chapter 16B: State Environmental & Land Use Boards Update
Alethea Hart

Coursebook contains 620 pages