Real Property, Probate and Trust Midyear Meeting and Conference (June 2015) [C15704]

Real Property, Probate and Trust Midyear Meeting and Conference (June 2015) [C15704] - In Stock

Seminar Date: June 12, 2015
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This seminar took place on June 12-14, 2015, in PLACE.

Product Description:

Take a critical look at developments in the world of real property. Learn key information, gain new insights, and discover solutions for handling challenges faced by your clients.
* Stay current with the case law and legislative updates
* Keep your practice sharp with two ethics sessions, including ethics and technology
* Gain insights for understanding and managing high-conflict personalities
* Learn from two perspectives – Court Commissioner and estate planner/litigator – about problems encountered in estate plans
* Hear essential updates on marijuana law and real property issues

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Real Property Update
Scott B. Osborne

Chapter 2: Probate and Trust Update
RoseMary Reed

Chapter 3: Understanding and Managing High-Conflict Personalities
Joseph Shaub

Chapter 4: Sneaky Ethical Challenges: Probate, Real Property & Estate Planning
Stacey L. Romberg
Jeanne Marie Clavere
Brady M. Howsley

Chapter 5: The Development Game: Securing Land Use Permits for Real Estate Development Deals and Sales
James D. Howsley

Chapter 6: Untangling the Web of Lien Priority Issues
Dainen N. Penta
Jody M. McCormick

Chapter 7: The Independent Duty Doctrine: Eastwood to Donatelli and Beyond
Justin D. Park

Chapter 8: Leases: Dealing with Insurance, Indemnification, and Subrogation
Mike Garner

Chapter 9: You Draft It and We Administer It - Lessons Learned from the Trustee Frontlines
Elaine P. Adams
Barbara A. Potter, CTFA, CFA
Christina L. Riffle, CTFA, CFP
Anna M. Cashman

Chapter 10: Everthing You Never Wanted the Public to Know about Your Estate Planning Clients: Privacy Issues in Probate and Trust Administration
Gail E. Mautner
Sarah MacLeod

Chapter 11: Mediating Trust and Estate Disputes, and How to Avoid Them
Hon. Eric B. Watness, (Ret.)
Thomas M. Keller

Chapter 12: Adding Flexibility in Trust Administration: New Legislation on Trustee Investments, Delegation of Authority, and Directed Trusts
Mark W. Roberts

Chapter 13: Practice Safe Tech: Cloud Computing, Social Media, and Ethics
Robin L. Haynes

Chapter 14A: Comparative Overview of Business and Real Property Appraisal
Tiffany Gorton, Moderator
Dan Guderjohn

*No materials were submitted for this portion of the program.

Chapter 14B: Comparative Overview of Business and Real Property Appraisal
Patrick M. Lamb

Chapter 15: Marijuana and Real Property Issues and Concerns
Hilary Bricken

Chapter 16: An Introduction to CERCLA/MCTA in Real Estate Transactions: What you don't know can hurt you
Kelly T. Wood

Chapter 17: Hot Topics
Thomas M. Culbertson
Stephanie R. Taylor

Chapter 18A: End of Life/Paliative Care and Decision-Making
Dr. J. Randall Curtis, MD. MPH

Chapter 18B: End of Life/Paliative Care and Decision-Making
John A. Barnes

Coursebook contains 855 pages