The 22nd Annual Criminal Justice Institute (October 2015) [C16816]

The 22nd Annual Criminal Justice Institute (October 2015) [C16816] - In Stock

Seminar Date: October 22, 2015
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This seminar took place on October 22-23, 2015, in Burien, WA.

Product Description:

Materials include:

  • A lively ethics session
  • Insights into diversity and the law
  • Keeping your knowledge sharp on search and seizure
  • Getting your annual Supreme Court, legislative, and search and seizure updates all at one conference
  • Taking a deep dive into the definition of impairment, and getting to know how the Draeger Interlock device really works
  • Exploring issues and updates in evidence
  • Seeing how law enforcement professionals are trained in negotiation and talk-downs
  • Reviews of forensics, Indian law, and vacating/sealing/expunging cases
  • An inspiring finale of how the Magna Carta has affected the law, and therefore all of us, for the past 800 years

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Legislative Updates - Keeping Ahead of Changes
Thomas A. McBride

Chapter 2: Eye Witness Indentification - Meeting the Challenges
Mark R. Larson

Chapter 3: Evidence - Updates and Practices
Hon. Jack F. Nevin

Chapter 4: Ethics - The RPCs in Practice: Case Studies for Practitioners
Hugh K. Birgenheier
Professor John A. Strait

Chapter 5: Federal Law Updates
Hon. Ricardo S. Martinez

Chapter 6A: Trial Skills - Skills to Build a Career
Diego J. Vargas

Chapter 6B: Domestic Violence Case Updates
Kara M. Murphy

Chapter 6C: Expunging, Sealing, Vacating - The Process and the Paperwork
Kurt D. Bennett
Laura A. Petregal

Chapter 7: BLEA Crisis Intervention Training
Deputy Joseph Winters

Chapter 8: Search and Seizure - Keeping Up With the Laws
Hon. Robert E. McBeth

Chapter 9: The Draeger, Part 1: What it Does and How it Works
Sgt. Brandon Villanti

*No materials were submitted for this portion of the program.

Chapter 10: The Draeger, Part 2: Implications for Defense and Prosecution
Jonathan D. Rands
Sgt. Brandon Villanti

Chapter 11: The Draeger: Your Questions and Discussion
Jonathan D. Rands
Sgt. Brandon Villanti

*No materials were submitted for this portion of the program.

Chapter 12A: Courtroom Decorum - Key to Professionalism
Hon. William A. Bowman

Chapter 12B: Recent and Upcoming Changes in Forensic DNA Analysis Services
Gary Shutler, Ph.D.

Chapter 12C: Indian Law - Current Issues and Hot Topics
Alan C. Stay

Chapter 13: Human Trafficking in the 21st Century: Issues and Updates
Ye-Ting Woo

Chapter 14: Diversity in the Law - Where are We Now?
Hon. Veronica Alicea-Galvan

Chapter 15: The 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta - Its Impact on the Law
Justice Sheryl Gordon-McCloud

Coursebook contains 622 pages