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20th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference

20th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference (Nov 2020)


Practitioners will not want to miss our lively and informative panels, including the annual Employment Law Year in Review and an ethics presentation geared toward labor and employment practitioners in the Zoom era. This year, we are also excited to host a panel on race, politics, and free speech in the workplace. Attorneys will also not want to miss updates on accommodations and workplace safety issues, as well as a panel that weaves together the various employee benefits that may be accessed or impacted during COVID-19. We round out our program with a discussion on strikes, pickets, walk-outs, work refusals, and lock-outs.

Coursebook Length: 202 pages

Seminar Date: : Thursday, November 12, 2020
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WSBA-CLE coursebooks are the written materials submitted by presenters at WSBA-CLE's many topical and timely continuing legal education seminars each year. This product consists only of the coursebook in print form. If you have purchased the on-demand version of this program, a coursebook is already included in your purchase.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: 2020 Hindsight: State and Federal Law in Review
Kelby Fletcher
Tiffany Cartwright
Leslie Hagin

Chapter 2: “Whose Speech? Our Speech!” Addressing Employees’ Statements about Politics and Race
Erin McCool
Jessie Harris
Kelli Schmidt

Chapter 3: Workplace Safety During a Pandemic
Karin Jones
Jeffrey Killip
Amy Mensik

Chapter 4: Workplace Accommodations in the Era of COVID-19
Alex Higgins
Julie Lucht
Jillian Cutler

Chapter 5: Benefits in the Era of COVID-19
Brady Cass
Lauren Parris Watts
Jason Barrett
Anne Paxton
Angela Hayes

Chapter 6: Strikes, Pickets, Lock-Outs and Walk-Outs: Legal Framework and Practical Considerations from Both Sides of the Line
Liz Dedrick
Matt Lynch
Jacob Metzger

Chapter 7: The “Zoomed” Lawyer: Ethical Issues in Remote Lawyering and Advocacy
Judge John Erlick
Bradley Medlin

Chapter 8: Rules of Professional Conduct (Table of Rules)

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