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Cultural Heritage Protections in US and International Law 6.50 Credits

Cultural Heritage Protections in US and International Law (April 2020)


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Cultural Heritage is often considered as – customs, practices, places, objects, artistic expressions, values – and can be tangible or intangible. Over the last few decades cultural heritage has come under threat due to conflict and/or laws which restrict the use of cultural practices. This CLE will delve into various issues as they relate to cultural heritage, focusing both on local, national, and international issues relating to cultural heritage protection and how the law responds.

Original Program Date: April 3, 2020
Product Code: 20838-WBR

1.00 Ethics
5.50 Law & Legal Procedure
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A webinar consists of one or more instructors delivering content primarily via audio and a PowerPointTM presentation. Unlike in a video, you will not see the instructor; you will only hear his/her voice and see the PowerPointTM presentation on your screen as the instructor delivers the material. You will recieve a PDF of the coursebook, just as you would for a recorded video or audio seminar.

Michelle Dillon – Human Rights Defense Center, Seattle, WA
Wyatt Golding – Ziontz Chestnut, Seattle, WA
Chuck Harwood – Federal Trade Commission, Seattle, WA; Indian Arts and Crafts Board, Washington DC
Amelia Marchand – Board Member, Center for World Indigenous Studies, WA
Salvador A. Mungia – Gordon Honeywell Thomas, Tacoma, WA
Arleen Pabón-Charneco – Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, FL
Deborah Parker – Tulalip, WA
Regina Paulose – International Criminal Law Attorney, Miami, FL
Rudolph Ryser – Center for World Indigenous Studies, Olympia, WA
Randall Winn – Winn Law Office, Seattle, WA
David Wright – Seattle Public Library, Seattle, WA

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