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Washington Legal Ethics Deskbook Supplement (2009)

Washington Legal Ethics Deskbook Supplement (2009)


This supplement reflects major developments through the January 1, 2009 amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct and accompanying Official Comments and adds two entirely new chapters: Reciprocal Admission and Multijurisdictional Practice; and Ethical Issues in Pro Bono and Vulnerable Client Representation.

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*A new second edition of this title is scheduled to be released in early 2020. Purchasers of the 2003/2009 first edition plus supplement (but not the supplement only) who purchase the new second edition within 60 days of its release will receive a 10 percent discount. When purchasing the new second edition of this title, please call 206-727-8278 to access the 10% discount.

BONUS: Included with your purchase of the supplement set is a booklet containing the complete, current version of the amended Washington Rules of Professional Conduct.

Editor-in-Chief: Mark J. Fucile

Chapter 1. Formation of the Attorney-Client Relationship
Chapter 2. Advertising and Solicitation
Chapter 3. Attorney Fees
Chapter 4. Withdrawal from Employment
Chapter 5. Client Trust Accounts
Chapter 6. Law Practice Organization, Management & Sales
Chapter 7. Washington's RPC 1.6 and the Attorney-Client Privilege
Chapter 8. Competence, Diligence, Zealousness and the Duty to Supervise Others
Chapter 9. Limitations to Representation of Clients -- Litigation Matters
Chapter 10. Identification of the Client in Organizational Settings
Chapter 11. Conflicts of Interests
Chapter 12. Washington Mediation Ethics
Chapter 13. Government Lawyers
Chapter 14. Attorney Malpractice
Chapter 15. Washington's Lawyer Discipline System
Chapter 16. Ethical Issues in Bankruptcy
Chapter 17. Reciprocal Admission and Multijurisdictional Practice
Chapter 18. Ethical Issues in Pro Bono and Vulnerable Client Representation

Published: 2009
438 pages

This product consists of JUST the 2009 Supplement. To purchase the 2003 Deskbook PLUS the 2009 Supplement, click here.

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