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WEBCAST Legal Lunchbox™ Series: Coherent Lawyering: The Practice of Calm on the Go
April 27, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:35 PM PT
1.50 Other
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Coherence is much more than what makes sense. It refers to a highly efficient, synchronized state where little energy is wasted that leads to physical, mental & emotional well-being, greater insight, situational awareness, better decision-making and healthier relations. When we are in a state of coherence, we effectively navigate multiple challenges and pressures while maintaining inner calm.

When we engage with our staff, clients, opposite counsel or the decision-makers, coherence -- also called social coherence -- refers to a state of synchronization among all parties involved leading to more productive and satisfying relations, meetings, negotiations, mediations, trials and more. 

Social coherence is set in motion by our physiological heart. It is a natural process of synchronization that is detected by the nervous system of those around us, consciously or unconsciously.

In this program you discover the science of personal and social coherence, evidence-based practical tools to move into a state of coherence, and its implications towards a thriving and renewing legal practice in the long term.

Dan Crystal - Washington State Bar Association, Seattle

Dr. Franca Baroni, Esq - Independent Certified HeartMath® Trainer, WSBA & AILA Member, Seattle

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