Discipline Notice - Linda Staples

License Number: 32854
Member Name: Linda Staples
Discipline Detail
Action: Resignation in Lieu of Discipline
Effective Date: 1/7/2022
RPC: 1.15A - Safeguarding Property
1.3 - Diligence
1.4 - Communication
3.2 - Expediting Litigation
Discipline Notice: Resignation Form of Linda Staples ELC 9.3(b)
Description: Linda Staples (WSBA No. 32854, admitted 2002) of Vancouver, resigned in lieu of discipline, effective 01/07/2022. Staples agrees that she is aware of the alleged misconduct in disciplinary counsel’s Statement of Alleged Misconduct and rather than defend against the allegations, wishes to permanently resign from membership in the Association. The Statement of Alleged Misconduct reflects the following violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct: 1.3 (Diligence), 1.4 (Communication), 1.15A (Safeguarding Property), 3.2 (Expediting Litigation), 8.4(a) (Attempt, Assists or Induce), 8.4(d) (Prejudicial to the Admin of Justice), 8.4(l) ELC violation.
Staples’ alleged misconduct, as stated in disciplinary counsel’s Statement of Alleged Misconduct, related to her representation of a client in a non-parental custody matter. Staples’ alleged misconduct includes: 1) failing to act quickly when her client’s matter was at risk of dismissal; 2) failing to respond to her client’s repeated requests for information; 3) entering into a fee agreement that provided that the funds could be transferred out of the trust account at the time of billing without allowing for reasonable notice to her client; 4) failing to provide her client with a written accounting, despite her client’s requests; and 5) failing to provide the Office of Disciplinary Counsel with the requested information in response to the grievance.
Sachia Stonefeld Powell acted as disciplinary counsel. Linda Staples represented herself. The online version of Washington State Bar News contains a link to the following document: Resignation Form of Linda Staples ELC 9.3(b).

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