Discipline Notice - Jeff B. Crollard

License Number: 15561
Member Name: Jeff B. Crollard
Discipline Detail
Action: Reprimand
Effective Date: 12/23/2021
RPC: 1.3 - Diligence
1.4 - Communication
Discipline Notice: Order Approving Stipulation
Notice of Reprimand
Description: Jeff B. Crollard (WSBA No. 15561, admitted 1985) of Seattle, was reprimanded, effective 12/23/2021, by order of the Chief Hearing Officer. Crollard’s conduct violated the following Rules of Professional Conduct: 1.3 (Diligence), 1.4 (Communication), 8.4(l) ELC violation.
In relation to his handling of a nursing home litigation matter, Crollard stipulated to a reprimand for: 1) failing to finalize the client’s legal matter promptly; 2) failing to respond promptly to the client’s repeated attempts for information about the status of their case; and 3) failing to respond to disciplinary counsel’s written requests for a response to the grievance, necessitating subpoenas and noncooperation depositions.
Joanne S. Abelson acted as disciplinary counsel. Jeff B. Crollard represented himself. The online version of Washington State Bar News contains links to the following documents: Order Approving Stipulation to Reprimand; Stipulation to Reprimand; and Notice of Reprimand.

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